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Rotational molding is a productive system that enables rotomoulding products to be made in plastic cables even in considerable sizes.

CO.PAR. Srl, a leading company in this field, offers its twenty-year experience and a valuable co-engineering service to carry out your projects.

With two rotary molding machines, one fully automated, several finishing/assembling locations and a test area for hydraulic seal, we provide complete service by following the product in every stage starting from creation.

Advantages of rotational molding:
• Low cost of mold investment
• Reduced printing compared to other production processes
• Product’s thickness variable at any time
• Possibility of metal inserts co-molding
• Undercut or threaded parts directly obtainable on the product
• Significant design freedom during planning phase

Among the rotomoulding products we distinguish: Food containers, oil tanks, OEMs, agriculture containers, gardening tools, animal and leisure boxes, heaters and dryers.