In 1977 the Lago family created the company CO.PAR. LTD, still directed by the same owners with excellent ability and intuition. Initially, CO.PAR. LTD based its own success solely on the production of mudguards and other metal accessories for industrial vehicles. Later on, they also dedicated to plastic processing with rotating and injection molds.

This has led to the creation and development of what are now the two business divisions: PLASTIC Division and METAL Division. Two units stimulated by constant research and managed with great professionalism, always focusing on quality and investing in new technologies. In fact, the company is able to produce different types of truck & trailer components.

In CO.PAR. LTD experience, technology, a wide range of products and services blend in a highly competitive cocktail. Always ready to meet the costumer’s needs and to understand the demands and trends of the market, CO.PAR. LTD continues to be a dynamic and leading company in the field of industrial vehicles. One of the company’s strengths is being able to carry out customized machinery in order to create truck & trailer components ever more in line with customer requirements.

Co.Par. s.r.l.
Via Casoni Nuova, 12
35014 Fontaniva (PD) - ITALY
Tel. +39 049 9445040
Fax +39 049 9449014

Nota legale: il sito è di proprietà di Co.Par. S.r.L, con sede legale in Via Casoni Nuova, 12 – 35014 Fontaniva (PD), Reg. Impr. C.F. e P. iva IT 00723390282, R.E.A. PD 132014, capitale sociale i.v. 110.000 euro.