Plastic Division


Many of the commonly used products today are injection moulded. CO.PAR. Srl is the ideal partner not only for companies that need to find a “SERVICE PROVIDER” for moulding, but also for those who want to create a new product, providing their facilities and above all a multi-year know-how also in the system injection moulding. CO.PAR. Srl is therefore able to attend the customer in all stages of engineering development up to the final realization.

Commodity Sectors

There are no foreclosures for any type of product sector; the only limit is given by the size and complexity of the product to be made.

Advantages of “INJECTION” moulding

  • High efficiency due to the high level of automation, therefore low manufacturing costs which makes it suitable for medium-large production cycles, ensuring uniformity of the pieces and dimensional stability;
  • Possibility to creating complex geometries;
  • No or only minimal post-processing of the moulded piece;
  • Variety of use of materials.

Injection moulding takes place using an INJECTION PRESS that melts the granules (thermoplastic material)at a temperature of 200 ÷ 280 ° C and once melted the material is “injected” into the mould cavity where it cools and solidifies in the desired shape.


N. 2 injection-moulding machines respectively of 1800 and 1200 tons of power.

Additional services

Often, after the moulding process, the product also needs additional processing. CO.PAR. also offers the possibility to take advantage of the following post-moulding processes:

  • Detailed inspection and measurement services (in support of PPAP and other quality monitoring processes adopted by the automotive industry).
  • Pad printing. In pad printing, a steel plate with an engraved design is loaded with an ink, which is subsequently transferred to a moulded plastic piece.
  • The process can be employed to quickly and efficiently add a logo, part number, information graphic or other words or images to a piece.
  • External labelling through the application of adhesive labels (multi-coloured) according to the customer’s design.
  • Assembly (if any) of the moulded pieces.
  • Possibility of post moulding cutting and milling on CNC robotic areas.