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Reliable Isothermal box
If you are transporting fresh food, you need to make sure that it's protected. The method of transportation you use needs to be secure and hygienic. This is why you need an isothermal box to rely on. Copar provides high quality isothermal boxes to be used by professionals in the food and drink industry. The isothermal box that we supply is named IGLOO, and its rotomoulded double walls in polyethylene are filled in with insulating foam, so you get a steady temperature that is needed when transporting food items.

Why is a reliable isothermal box so important?
Maintaining the quality and condition of food items is essential, if the health and safety of people who eventually consume the products is to be ensured. This is why we provide durable and well-designed isothermal boxes that can be used on an ongoing basis, to transport fresh food in a safe and efficient manner. You get the products you need to maintain the reputation of your business by supplying the high quality fresh food items that your customers expect.

Speak to us about your isothermal box requirements. If you have any questions we will be happy tp answer them, and provide any advice that you need.