Plastic Division

ANTISPRAY REG. (EU) N. 109/2011

The anti-spray mud flaps for truck mudguards, produced by Co.Par, are made of polypropylene with a high percentage of rubber. The special compound of which our anti-spray mud flaps are composed makes them among the lightest and most resistant models in the market. The dense weave of needles grants high performances of water absorption, reducing the "fog" effect caused by the vehicle tyres in case of rain.

The holes present in our antispray mudflaps make them easy to install on any model of metal and plastic mudguard; available in 5 models and supplied in standard black color, they can be customized with color logo.

The antispray mudflaps are approved according to EU directive 109/2011 EEC.


• Homologated

• Customization with color logo

• Lightweight

• High resistence